Indicator Leader Plus

 Quick Facts
-7' in length
-Built-in indicator improves casting over the alternative!
-Tippet Ring Included

This is our absolute favorite leader for swinging, and light nymphing. The 7' long leader eliminates the need for a traditional strike indicator, as it has a 1/2" piece of Rio Kahuna LT indicator material built into the butt section of the leader. See the image of the leader diagram for a visual presentation of the completed product.

You get all the benefits of having a more traditional strike indicator, while not having any detriment to the casting ability due to added weight or air resistance that separate indicators may provide.

Simply attach 12"-36" of tippet to the tippet ring and you're ready to go!

- 20" -20# Maxima Chameleon
- 3"- 15# Maxima Chameleon (with 1/2" section of indicator)
- 17"- 15# Maxima Chameleon
- 20"- 12# Maxima Chameleon
- 24"- 3x soft tippet material
- Tippet Ring

Green Sighter
Orange Sighter
White Sighter
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Customer Reviews

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Fredrick Valentine (Eugene, US)

Quickly delivered

Chris Todd
Indicator Leaders

I placed an order for 4 of the “indicator leaders plus” leaders. The order showed up earlier than expected with some high quality leaders, a hand written note, and two pieces of candy. I can not wait to get these leaders in the water. I will be using trusted trout for all my leader needs in the future.

Brian R
Trusted Trout

I fish limestone creeks for wild trout in PA. Leaders take a punishment in these highly abrasive streams, not to mention all the trees and wild plants overrunning the banks to get snagged in. No matter how good of a caster you are, you're going to get hung up. Point is I need a leader that's going to hold up. The premades at the fly shop break when you try and get your line out of the tree or quickly wear down and break from the rocks. This leader stood up to the tree hang ups and I am still on my first one running it through the freestone. Presentation and stealth is also of the essence. Fly shop leaders just don't cast well when you need to a hit a pin point and the drift just isn't right. They are also easily seen in these shallow streams. I bought two of the strike indicator leaders to give it a test. Attached two feet of 6x fluorocarbon to the end of the leader. They cast like a dream. I can hit my pin point shots easily. The leader is perfectly tapered down that every fly hits the water as soft as a pillow. Dead drifting is nice and smooth allowing for a perfect presentation. The leader under the water itself is very stealthy. It didn't spook any of the fish which is difficult to pull off with skittish wild trout. I caught a bunch of fish with it. Loved this leader and will be buying more.

William Kelman (Tonawanda, US)
Big trout

First time using hand tied leaders and tippet rings. Products did all that was promised and more. Will be buying from this dealer again