Predator Wire Leader

Quick Facts
-Designed for fishing Large Northern Pike & Muskie with BIG FLIES!
-With Pre-tied Wire Bite Tippet and optional fast snap, fly clip.
-5 foot long leader with looped heavy butt section to turn over heavy flies
-30lb. test wire tippet

This leader is for our friends that like to fish for toothy critters such as pike or musky. Simple and straightforward, this leader is starts with a stout 40# (.024") Chameleon butt section, and is designed to turn over large flies, and withstand bite abrasion. This leader is highly durable and comes in two different finishing options. 

Version 1:  12" wire with a no-knot fast snap at the terminal end for easy, interchangeable fly attachment. 

Version 2:  18" Bare wire for direct connections to the fly via a non-slip loop or the knot of your choice.


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Customer Reviews

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William Page (Minneapolis, US)
Built Tuff!

Caught some big boy Pikes. Still looks like new! Light weight but tuff as nails!