Frequently Asked Questions


Are these flies hand tied?

Yes, all of our flies have been painstakingly crafted in house.  Consistency is one of our hallmarks, but each fly may have slightly different features.

Are the flies durable?

All of our flies are tied with durability in mind.  This is what separates our flies from mass produced commercial flies that simply aren't designed to take the beating that ours are.  Crafted with consistent thread tension and locked down with UV resin throughout, the flies may not be bomb proof against toothy critters, but they shouldn't fall apart on the first cast like some flies we have purchased in the past.

Do you take custom fly orders?

We do, email us at sales@trustedtrout.com with questions on color combinations, profile requests, etc.  We will happily accomodate if we are able to.


Can I use these leaders with my current fly rod?

Absolutely.  These leaders can be used with any rod, reel, or existing fly line that you already have.  Some aspects of certain rods may make the leaders more effective however.  If you have questions on this contact us!

What is the difference between the products?

Essentially personal preference.  The thickness of the leader does serve different purposes, but really it will come down the the feel you prefer and how you want to fish.  The regular thickness for example has enough backbone that it supports fly casting as you normally would with dries, dry / dropper, and some very light streamers.  The thinnest version is going to give you a little more feel however.

How do I use the product?

The leaders come tied with a perfection loop that would be the same as any loop for a standard, store-bought, knotless tapered leader or the like.  Simply connect as you would to your fly line or backing with a loop-to-loop connection.  After that, simply add your desired tippet to the tippet ring and then tie on your flies.  

Can I use this for anything other than nymphs?

Yes, in particular the regular version supports about any type of fly fishing you would like to pursue.  While not as functional as fly line for other applications, it will certainly get the job done if you do not want to switch out your leader or line on the water.

Why is the leader 30-feet long?

This we have learned is the optimal length to make the mono rig system work.  You do not want fly line running through your guides, particularly during the drift.  This creates all kinds of issues that are not ideal.  With 30-feet, even the longest of rods will generally still have a fair amount of of the leader still on the spool while nymphing at normal distances.

Other questions?  Ask us directly!  email us at sales@trustedtrout.com or call us at 614.726.1860